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Designer fashion for men, ladies, kids & pets. We offer jewelery, bags, shoes, beauty products & much more.

Spoiled Brat (UK) LTD
Unit 7
Wilson Business Park
1 Queen Elizabeth Avenue
G52 4NQ
fax: 01416264204


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  • Sassysarahhunter ( recommends
    rating: (date: 16.10.2016 14:10)
    bought: Wildfox
    Spoiled Brat is awesome !! The end!!
    product quality: 10/10, delivery: 10/10, service rating: 10/10
  • nataliesharples ( recommends
    rating: (date: 14.10.2016 12:10)
    bought: SubUrban Riot T-Shirts & Wildfox
    The customer service was really helpful and answered quickly. My order was dispatched same day and arrived with me quickly, nicely packaged and a free hairbrush! I have made 3 orders so far and love the product, it saves me importing these brands from the usa as the import duty fees are ridiculous!
    product quality: 10/10, delivery: 10/10, service rating: 10/10
  • emmac1985 ( recommends
    rating: (date: 06.10.2016 12:19)
    bought: voucher + some tops
    I purchased a gift voucher for a friends birthday as she's in love with the Spoiled Brat products, who isn't! The customer service i received from them was second to none. They were so helpful and ensured that delivery of the voucher and message went smoothly. I couldn't have asked for a better experience and would recommend this site to anyone. One very happy customer here who will be spreading the word to everyone she knows! :-) Ps I have also bought stuff for myself too!!!!
    product quality: 10/10, delivery: 10/10, service rating: 10/10
  • Jayde1234 ( recommends
    rating: (date: 05.10.2016 17:25)
    bought: Wildfox & Zoe karssen
    Spoiled brat is the best! I dont know why everyone complain?! Come one, no company would refund you guys just like that, they have to check and that needs time 2, 3 or 4 days...
    Try zara or any other shop and you'll see what "aweful" means. The only thing that disappointed me is, when i made an order and theynmade a mistake with a size but to their credit they sent out correct size straight away and collected the other one. -( buuuut still love spoiledbrat! SB I WISH I COULD GIVE YOU 10 stars because you and the customer service deserve it and I have placed aaaaaaloooot of orders
    product quality: 10/10, delivery: 10/10, service rating: 10/10
  • Stephi234 ( doesn't recommend
    rating: (date: 05.10.2016 14:36)
    bought: Mostly wildfox couture
    Love this store , have been a customer for 4 years & find they go out of their way for me. They always have a brilliant selection of new clothing , cool brands and great sales and discounts. Delivery is always quick, usually with a few freebies (hairbrush & sweeties!!) feel really bad about these bad reviews - they are a lovely bunch of people who I have met at their pop up shops quite a few times , people only use these sites to say bad things which is why I felt compelled to come and be positive and give my real review - keep up the good work guys xxxx
    product quality: 10/10, delivery: 10/10, service rating: 10/10
  • Nadina1 ( recommends
    rating: (date: 05.10.2016 14:31)
    bought: UNIF + Wildfox
    Super fast and helpful customer service

    Sent an e-mail enquiry to customer service over the weekend and it was answered super fast the next Monday morning. Customer service agent (Susy) was really friendly too so that was definitely a bonus.
    product quality: 10/10, delivery: 10/10, service rating: 10/10
  • Ayanda ( doesn't recommend
    rating: (date: 18.06.2015 09:02)
    bought: Lavish alice dress in white
    Quite disappointed with the service and delivery, on the website it states that it would take up to 3 - 7 working days, I have been waiting for 2 weeks and my dress is still not here but the money has been withdrawn from my account, I ordered a lavish alice dress which I need for my prom next week Thursday! The order number is WEB83238
    product quality: 1/10, delivery: 1/10, service rating: 1/10
  • Warlordess ( doesn't recommend
    rating: (date: 18.07.2014 21:58)
    bought: Order no WEB78046
    I had ordered from Spoiled Brat a couple of times without problems, apart from the delivery taking up to 2 weeks. With my recent order, everything changed. The product was too short also much shorter than displayed on the site. I requested a returns form and was informed I had to return it to the manufacturer in the USA and cover the costs. I never order from the USA, due to the shipping costs. I did some research on Consumer Rights to see if the retailer can demand return to manufacturer, which clearly he can not, the law states a returns policy cannot restrict or remove legal rights but merely add to them. Also I was told if I sent it back to them (the retailer) they would deduct shipping costs to USA from the refund, which is also illegal. Refund must be given in whole and anything else billed separately. I tried several times explaining this to the retailer and even sent a link to a government site which stated the same. I was then told this discussion was over and am now being ignored. I am very mad about the whole situation and have logged complaints with Consumer Rights and Trading Standards.
    product quality: 1/10, delivery: 1/10, service rating: 1/10
  • chr ( doesn't recommend
    rating: (date: 13.06.2012 16:59)
    bought: my order number is 63231, you have been avoiding my msgs and my order has not been sent yet. however the money for the order have been deducted from my bank account and i am waiting a response from you immediately. if you are not willing to send me my item proceed with a refund as soon as possible. this unacceptable, you are not responding my emails or complaint msgs and i am certainly not buying from you anything again and i will advise my friends to do so
    (an ID confirmation had been asked from me and i have already provided everything you have asked for so there are no excuses for the delay!!! )


    product quality: 1/10, delivery: 1/10, service rating: 1/10
  • buggs ( recommends
    rating: (date: 04.11.2011 14:48)
    just as good as last time - thanks
    product quality: 9/10, delivery: 9/10, service rating: 8/10
  • Maggs ( recommends
    rating: (date: 04.11.2011 14:39)
    bought: clothing
    This is the second lot we have had and we are thrilled with our purchase

    product quality: 9/10, delivery: 8/10, service rating: 9/10
  • tonimarie307 ( recommends
    rating: (date: 15.10.2011 20:20)
    bought: maggie+me star sequin dress and princess de la posse tshirt
    so far i love this site, ive emailed them this week with a query re a promo and had a prompt reply where it had expired and silly me thought i was still in the week previous, ive ordered i think four times and so far love all the items, ive just returned one item but this is just purely because the dress is far too short for me a im rather tall, gutted as i love the dress! i have cancelled the order via my account but didnt realise i had to print a form out...doh, but i have placed the delievery note in the parcel with an endorsement so hope this is ok.
    product quality: 10/10, delivery: 9/10, service rating: 10/10
  • Biggs ( recommends
    rating: (date: 10.10.2011 11:20)
    Quite Happy with my latest delivery. I use this company regularly
    product quality: 9/10, delivery: 9/10, service rating: 9/10
  • GHEN-Shopper ( recommends
    rating: (date: 17.08.2011 23:03)
    I absolutely love this website. Its the first time I have used it as well. I bought a Pleasure Doing Business and the girl dealing with my enquiry could not have been any nicer. She really made my shopping experience on-line more personal.
    Would highly recommend to all my friends
    product quality: 10/10, delivery: 10/10, service rating: 10/10
  • yaya555 ( recommends
    rating: (date: 15.07.2011 22:32)
    bought: Coat
    I ordered goods which were both great. when i received discount codes I was therefore very keen to shop there again. HOWEVER, I noticed that the prices of sale goods are not fixed meaning you can easily be cheated. Recently, SpoiledBrat has been sending a few discount codes - which should be a good thing - but on closer inspection, ALL THE SALE PRICES HAVE BEEN INCREASED meaning that there is no real saving at all and it might even be more expensive! For example, a t-shirt that was 5 pounds now costs 7.20, a top that was 11 pounds is now up to 19.50 pounds, a dress that was 13 pounds is now 25.50 pounds and the list goes on.
    I have never seen this anywhere else online and shall therefore be wary of ordering from SpoiledBrat in the future but it is important that customers be aware that PRICES ARE ALTERED so that when customers use discount codes, SpoiledBrat will still be getting the same amount of money and the customer will lose out so be very careful.
    I cannot say I don't recommentd the store as my experience was fine but I find the sudden increase of sale prices to make up for so-called discounts rather dubious.
    product quality: 2/10, delivery: 2/10, service rating: 1/10
  • Solargirl ( recommends
    rating: (date: 06.06.2011 13:13)
    bought: 137110525091145
    I have ordered from spoiledbrat. This was on the 25th May 2011, as of todays date i can not get hold of there customer services, i have emailed numerous of time and also called and left messages, not once have i been rude or aggresive, just simply asking them to contact me about my order, which has not yet arrived. Maybe this will help to get them in contact with me.

    if they can sort my order out, i would recomend this site, if not then i will not be shopping there again.

    Melissa Burks
    product quality: 10/10, delivery: 1/10, service rating: 1/10 Shop reply (date: 07.06.2011 13:26) Melissa, I dont know which number you have been calling - but we are an online store + do not have a customer service phone number for customers - just like asos dont have one. Have you tried emailing us via our "contact centre" ?

    Your order, you made this on 25th May + used a groupon voucher to pay for this - however there was £4.95 postage fee outstanding from the order, which you opted to "pay by cheque" however to date no cheque has been sent by you, therefore your order has never been processed - as no payment was received from you.

    Furthermore, all the Groupon vouchers expired on 27th May - therefore you must go back to Groupon to have your money you paid to them refunded to you - as we have not been paid any money for your order and this was Groupon whom you made the transaction with. We do apologise for any inconvenience caused.
  • alwaysshopatspoiledbrat ( recommends
    rating: (date: 25.05.2011 20:26)
    bought: irregular choice shoes
    Fantastic service a complete asset to Scottish and UK retail - extremely personal service fast delivery + good selection of product brands
    product quality: 10/10, delivery: 10/10, service rating: 10/10
  • kelly1983 ( recommends
    rating: (date: 17.05.2011 14:32)
    bought: e.vil, lamis khamis + day 22
    I LOVE Spoiled Brat! It's great to be able to purchase Clothes of your favourite celebs. Great Service always and genuine products. Thanks to all Spoiled Brat :)
    product quality: 10/10, delivery: 10/10, service rating: 10/10
  • kpfanatic ( recommends
    rating: (date: 13.05.2011 21:50)
    bought: delicious couture hoodie, australia luxe boots + day 22 suit
    Good website, got some good bargains with fast delivery. Impressed with cust service . Had a problem with my size + needed a new size asap went over to their offices + they sorted it out immediately for me. Really nice group of girls - saw them at SECC also + what a cool stand!
    product quality: 10/10, delivery: 10/10, service rating: 10/10
  • Never Ever!! ( doesn't recommend
    rating: (date: 13.05.2011 13:53)
    bought: order numbers 44411042412558.
    Don't ever shop there!!! Avoid this company at all cost!!!
    There are other shops selling the same items on the internet.
    The customer service STINKS!! VERY rude!!I shall be complaining and telling to everone about my horrid experience.

    The woman hung up the phone on me!!

    It is a really shame when a company cannot get good staff she doesnt care, it's not her businessshe still gets here salary regardless.

    I was told she is too busy to deal with my matter as well as send an email. What's the point in sending email if you don't respond to them.
    I was dumb enought to pruchase two items and I shall not be shopping there ever again in this life time.

    I have ben trying to have my money refunded for an item that has ben returned two weeks ago.

    There is no sort of customer communication, after emails they never respond. Added to which they can seem to get a simple tranaction right. This i s the reason why I don't like to shop from small independant retailers.

    product quality: 1/10, delivery: 1/10, service rating: 1/10 Shop reply (date: 13.05.2011 22:09) Natasha, your comments are not only rude and offensive to all hard working retailers - but they show just how you feel you are above everyone else

    You have hounded us since placing your order , with approx 10 daily phone calls (despite it being clear on the website that we are an online retailer + do not have a phone line for customers) + 10 daily emails - to an un-manned email address!

    You ordered a dress from us + it was delivered to you very next day. You then decided this was too small, which is fine, and returned it for an exchange - again this was processed for you no problems at all. So why you feel we cannot get a simple transaction right is beyond me?

    Then you place another order + return this to us 2 weeks after delivery. Again we get the hourly phone calls, and messages with a torrent of abuse about us and daily emails again to an un-manned email address

    Stuart called you, explained to you that once customers return goods, ALL retailers have 30 days with which to process refunds - under the UK Distance Selling Regulations

    You however dont seem able to accept or understand this + seem to think that you are more important than other customers. Reasoning with you is impossible. All information is on our website - which has been pointed out to you numerous occasions - however you still question everything - you clearly feel yourself to be above the law! If this is how you treat "independent retailers" then probably best you stay clear - as small companies, do not have the time to deal with difficult customers, who make such simple transactions so difficult. Staff are not there to be victims of customers harassing and bombarding them with abuse and insults!

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