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Seapets pet supplies are a leading online pet store with a wide range of pet products, beds and cages as well as pet food, treats, supplies and accessories.

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Seapets user reviews

  • cfs ( doesn't recommend Seapets
    rating: (date: 17.09.2016 14:40)
    bought: phosx
    bought item on 30/8 paid £4.95 p&p still waiting e-mailed and phoned no response never use them again
    product quality: 1/10, delivery: 1/10, service rating: 1/10
  • Sue ( doesn't recommend Seapets
    rating: (date: 14.09.2015 14:34)
    bought: YOUR ORDER NUMBER IS: 400350634 tera fishfood
    still waiting for fish food paid for on 01/09/15 £35.99. today is 14/09/15. no sign of a delivery yet. will never buy from them again
    product quality: 1/10, delivery: 1/10, service rating: 1/10
  • Donodawn ( doesn't recommend Seapets
    rating: (date: 31.08.2013 13:20)
    bought: A Fluval Roma 125 litre tank order no. 400259244
    After an incredible amount of research on tanks with a chrome surround. I ordered a 125 litre Fluval Roma tank from Seapets. On their website the picture has a chrome surround. When the tank arrived it was black. I had to use it as my own tank was falling apart. Obviously I never expected a refund as I'd used the product and couldn't send it back. I just wrote to Seapets to make them aware I was unhappy as the product was not sold as seen. All I expected was an apology perhaps a good will gesture nothing more. However, Seapets had the audacity to say it must be my computer monitor. Which is impossible their whole site would have looked wrong and it's an insult to my intelligence. My computer is always correctly calibrated for work. I took a screen grab and printed out it is definitely chrome. I found their excuse was extremely offensive a simple apology would have been fine. Now I would never trust their site that you are buying what you see. They mis sell. They need to take down their current pictures and re photograph their products. I would never buy from this insulting company ever again.

    product quality: 1/10, delivery: 7/10, service rating: 1/10
  • Melanie ( doesn't recommend Seapets
    rating: (date: 24.12.2011 14:16)
    bought: Sales Order NUmber: 00400167618
    My experience of this company is that they are typical of those recently identified by Which as fobbing off customers who have legitimate complaints and misrepresenting The Sale of Goods Act 1979. In my case Seapets attempted to pass what was clearly a manufacturing defect in a 2 month old aquarium back to the manufacturer when, as they are well aware, as the retailer they are legally responsible to arrange a refund. Wish I had see the other numerous bad reviews for Seapets before buying.
    product quality: 1/10, delivery: 1/10, service rating: 1/10
  • Chad ( recommends Seapets
    rating: (date: 25.08.2011 17:28)
    bought: Vision 2 double height bird cage with stand.
    Fantastic site! We ordered the Vision 2 cage with stand on Tuesday night and received the goods on Thursday morning - excellent service! We also only paid around half the price it would have cost in high street stores. I cannot recommend this site highly enough. I will definitely use Seapets again.
    product quality: 10/10, delivery: 10/10, service rating: 10/10
  • Bentley ( recommends Seapets
    rating: (date: 22.07.2011 15:01)
    bought: Bonzita Cat food
    Initial Order was delayed due to an item being out of stock-phoned after 5 days to be told this. I cancelled that item and order was despatched immediately, communication was good after me phoning as was there follow up emails. Decided to give them another try as communication was good and have since placed 2 further orders over the past month or so, whilst it says the orders online are in stock this is not always the case however it is always worth a phone call or email to them beforehand to check availability as I have found them to be pretty helpful personally. This all being said currently I will continue to use them along with Zooplus as at the moment I dont feel they are totally reliable enough to give them all my business as my animals only eat the Bonzita food.
    product quality: 3/10, delivery: 5/10, service rating: 7/10
  • edinburghpets ( doesn't recommend Seapets
    rating: (date: 16.07.2011 18:22)
    bought: dog food, chicken food and feaders
    Really poor service! An order comprising 5 items (which I was assured on telephoning the order were all in stock and would be dispatched the following day) sent in 3 separate boxes over 10 days and we are STILL waiting for the one item we really wanted! Useless. Will never use again.
    00400163022 order no
    product quality: 5/10, delivery: 1/10, service rating: 1/10
  • SA ( doesn't recommend Seapets
    rating: (date: 28.06.2011 19:26)
    bought: Aquarium and cabinet. Order number 00400159244

    I bought an aquarium and aquarium cabinet from seapets. The aquarium was received without trouble. However, the same cannot be said for the cabinet. The cabinet arrived chipped. Five pieces of this cabinet were damaged. They wanted photographs of the damage, which I sent. These had to be sent several times as they kept claiming they hadn't received them. Then they had the cheek to ask me for money so they could collect the damaged parts. They sent replacement pieces, and one of these pieces was damaged again. On phoning the manager he suggested that I'd damaged the cabinet myself, as he'd packed it personally, an it wasn't damaged when sent, an was packaged well. I have spent £300 at their shop, and that's the response I get from the manager! They wanted photographs of the damage again. Again, the photographs were sent, and I got no response. I had to phone them and they asked me to send the pictures again, as they hadn't received them. I have sent the pictures for the last time, and my next step will be to contact trading standards. I paid for this cabinet on the 10th of June, and I still have no cabinet, and have spent £5 on the telephone calling them, and had to take numerous photographs, and send numerous emails. I recommend you avoid them, I know I will from now on.
    product quality: 1/10, delivery: 1/10, service rating: 1/10
  • andreas02 ( doesn't recommend Seapets
    rating: (date: 31.03.2011 10:33)
    bought: 135 litre aqua one fish tank
    so i ordered a 135 litre aqua one evo fish tank to replace my 65 litre fish tank on the 25th march 2011 . when i ordered it in was stated that it was instock. i knew i would have to wait until at least wednesday until the phoned me.wednesday came and i still had no phone call, so i sent them an email asking if my tank was being sent out.

    I got a reply and they told me it wasnt instock and it would be coming in either wednesday after noon, or thursday (31st march 2011). so i sent them another email today asking if my tank had been sent out, and that it had but the courier wouldnt phone until tommorow and i wouldnt get my tank until next week.

    I tell you ive been waiting almost a week for the tank and it clearly states it takes only 3 working days to arrive. and since it said it was instock i would have assumed it was.
    product quality: 1/10, delivery: 1/10, service rating: 3/10
  • gwj6336 doesn't recommend Seapets
    rating: (date: 09.02.2011 19:30)
    bought: 5 metres of clear plastic tube and a stopcock on order no 400140732.
    Placed order on 14th January 2011 still waiting for it on 9th February 2011. Sent e-mail during this period asking what had happened to my order and received no reply. My order is recorded on their website under my registered account.
    I buy loads of stuff on the internet and this is one of only two purchases over many years where I have been let down by a supplier.
    Other buyers beware!
    product quality: 1/10, delivery: 1/10, service rating: 1/10
  • lisa ( recommends Seapets
    rating: (date: 15.12.2010 20:47)
    bought: fishtank
    i bought a beautiful fishtank from seapets, had to wait a while for it as it was out of stock but the customer service are very helpful and keep u updated on your order,it unfortunatley developed a fault. i rang customer services and they advised me to send it back and they imediately replaced it,i would definately but from seapets again as their customer care is fab.
    product quality: 9/10, delivery: 10/10, service rating: 10/10
  • kizmet ( recommends Seapets
    rating: (date: 23.06.2010 12:55)
    bought: Dog food and a toy.
    I ordered some pet food and a toy on monday and received it wednesday morning.I was very pleased with the service.Never used Seapets before and hadnt really heard of them so was a bit wary.Glad i took the chance.Their prices are very good as well.Will definately be ordering from them in the future.
    product quality: 10/10, delivery: 10/10, service rating: 10/10
  • Confused ( recommends Seapets
    rating: (date: 21.04.2010 22:10)
    bought: nothing
    this store seems good and the website is great, but one big problem is that i cannot add anything to my basket and buy it! It keeps on refreshing and saying my basket is empty. confused.
    product quality: 8/10, delivery: 8/10, service rating: 8/10
  • peg ( recommends Seapets
    rating: (date: 24.04.2009 17:20)
    bought: dogit cargo 700
    terrific service - the item I wanted was a dog crate which I knew had been discontinued as I had been in touch with a number of other companies , none of which had the crate and none of which were particularly helpful in assisting me to locate one. I called seapets in a last attempt to locate this item - they were unbelievably helpful and even had it in stock (it was almost the last one they had left I think) they took my order over the phone , the price was much cheaper than most of the other companies I had been in touch with, told me when I would receive it ,and they were right ! Well done Seapets - I reccommend them very highly and will be using them again.
    product quality: 1/10, delivery: 1/10, service rating: 1/10
  • Lady J ( recommends Seapets
    rating: (date: 08.02.2009 18:09)
    bought: Juwel Lido 120
    Just wanted to add how fantastic an experience I have had with Seapets. An aquarium I ordered from them last year developed a fault.... girding myself for a dispute as to who was responsible for rectifying it I rang Seapets. The lady I spoke to was incredibly helpful, offered to replace the faulty part immediately, called me back to confirm it was in stock and despatched it complete with a Freepost address for me to send the broken bit back.

    Even when Parcelforce messed up the delivery, Seapets again came to rescue by tracking down my parcel for me.

    The whole experience has meant I will now trust Seapets as my No1 choice for all online aquatic purchases in future. They are one of easiest and fairest online companies I have dealt with.
    product quality: 9/10, delivery: 9/10, service rating: 10/10
  • Natalie ( doesn't recommend Seapets
    rating: (date: 27.01.2009 19:25)
    bought: 8kg bag fish tank gravel, fish tank air pump, tubing, a fish net and some fish food.
    I ordered some equipment from the seapets website and had a bit of a difficult time. Firstly my order arrived (within the sepcified delivery time of up to 5 days) at my delivery address but one item from my order had been missed out, and 8kg bag of gravel. I immediatly phoned the company and informed them of the problem. They appolagised and said a replacement would be dispatched immediatly.
    Later that day i sent them an email asking to confirm that another had been dispatched and the problem was sorted. I recieved no reply and after 2 days of waiting, sent another. No reply, finally i rang them again at the end of the week to see if it had actually been dispatched, which it had and was apparently due to arrive on monday.
    I then recieved a phone call from my mother (my billing address is her address as i'm away at university) saying a package had arrived there! As it turned out they had written two addresses on the package, one for my billing and one for my delivery address! As i am away at uni and don't have a car i had no way of getting the gravel that was now sat at my mums house over an hours drive away.
    Might have just been a spait of bad luck but more than anything i will not be shopping with them again due to the lack of communication from them in response to their emails. Over the time it took to place the order to recieving the order at my billing address (two weeks) I sent around 5 emails to the company and not one was ever responded to.

    product quality: 10/10, delivery: 1/10, service rating: 1/10

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