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  • rubbish doesn't recommend Matching Bedrooms (date: 14.12.2011 16:21)
    bought: A matteress that aint going to turn up! 27FD063A99
    What a bunch of Cowboys!!!!!!!!

    Same as everyone below - a disgusting company to deal with and they are making Groupon look rubbish. Never again will I buy anything else from Groupon because of this whole experience. This matteress will never turn up no matter what they tell you. Customer service!!! I'd sooner pull my own teeth out!!!! Shame a zero rating cant be given out as a rating of one is way too high for this bunch of lying morons!

    I think we should all decend upon where they are in Birmingham all at the same time and see what happens. Anyone interested?

    [Dodano: 14.12.2011]
    product quality: 1/10, delivery: 1/10, service rating: 1/10