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  • Matthew doesn't recommend Wedding Bitz R Us (date: 11.12.2007 08:59)
    bought: TRIED to buy a guest book pen.
    I wish I had seen this site prior to ordering from this company.

    On 30th August my fiancee & I ordered the ideal guest book pen for our wedding next year. I'm glad we ordered over a year in advance because as of today (11 December) we have heard NOTHING.

    We have tried emailing and calling several times.
    We noticed that the email address generated by the Contact Us link is spelt incorrectly.
    Upon telephoning (a few months ago) we were told that the company's IT systems had experienced a virus and they were still recovering, but the lady would look into our query. No response forthcoming.
    She also advised us of a new email address we could try - when we did, it bounced back as unrecognised.
    Finally, upon calling their 0844 contact number last night a recorded message said something like "This account has been closed. If you are the account holder, please contact (service provider name) as soon as possible".

    They've gone bust, haven't they? We'll never see our £13 again (not much, but it's the principle of the thing, not to mention the inconvenience). I notice the website is still up and, apparently, running.

    I wish these ratings went to zero.

    SHUT THEM DOWN, I say. Cowboys.
    product quality: 1/10, delivery: 1/10, service rating: 1/10