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  • claudiatruckell doesn't recommend Wedding Bitz R Us (date: 20.09.2007 10:18)
    bought: Personalised napkins and flower girl baskets
    I would anyone who is planning a special event such as wedding to avoid using this site!

    I recently got married and ordered various items from various sites. I was generally pleased with the ease of finding items that coordinated with my colour scheme and the delivery. However, I was disappointed with Wedding Bitz R Us on several levels.

    Initially I ordered personalised napkins that took approximately 8-10 weeks to arrive. I had plenty of time at that stage so was not concerned but felt that this was very slow in comparison to other sites that had delivered both standard and personalised items much quicker. Undeterred, I then ordered another box of personalised napkins and 2 matching flower girl baskets (for which I paid £25 each - they were perfect for my wedding theme). Again, I waited 8 weeks for delivery and by the time they arrived, I had just over 4 weeks to go...and one of my baskets was missing.

    At that stage, the company declared on their site that they have no telephone contact number (I have noticed that they have a number now) so I e-mailed them pointing out that one basket was missing and I was concerned that with the delivery being so slow, I wouldn't receive it in time. They e-mailed back a week and a half later (after another e-mail from me) and explained that the supplier had failed to deliver the item to them but they would rush it to me. I remained concerned though - quite rightly it would seem!!!

    Anyway, to cut a long story short, I continued to e-mail and mostly got no response. The responses that I did receive were brief and making the same lame promises. I then got an e-mail from them 3 days before my wedding saying that I was not going to get my basket as the supplier couldn't deliver to them in time. As I'm sure can be appreciated, I was furious and e-mailed saying that I wanted a refund, would return the basket that I did have as I had no use for one (I had 2 flowergirls) and asking for the name and number of a manager that I could discuss my concerns with. I never recieved a response. That was over 4 weeks ago now.

    I therefore conclude that not only is this site very slow (not good for wedding planning) and not actually able to deliver what has been paid for, but I am led to believe that they couldn't care less about their customers and can't actually be bothered to respond to customer enquiries. I sent an official letter of complaint - guess what? Yup, no response. I would urge all brides, grooms or general party-planners to avoid this site at all costs. They are slow and do not care about their customers. And trying to contact them is futile.
    product quality: 1/10, delivery: 1/10, service rating: 1/10