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  • angie recommends Food Bargains (date: 31.01.2012 10:11)
    'Would always rate foodbargains highly but had 'blip' . I ordered on 4th January and have not received my order and it is now the 31st! OK mistakes happen but the frustrating bit is not being able to contact them. Telephone gives unobtainable and emails are unanswered.

    Money has been taken via papal.

    I would still like to rate them highly.....if only they would answer me..

    From a starving customer..

    [Dodano: 01.02.2012]
    Email today to say parcel is on its way. Yipeeee. Hope there is an explanation as its been 4 weeks in coming.
    I can then continue shopping with them......

    [Dodano: 01.02.2012]
    Parcel arrived. No explanation as to why so late!

    I see on website phone is not in operation. My advice to anyone in similar situation- keep emailing them and don't give up.
    product quality: 10/10, delivery: 4/10, service rating: 1/10 Shop reply (date: 21.04.2012 16:24) Yes mistakes do happen and we needed to look into why this was.

    Once a parcel leave the warehouse it is very hard for us to control the delivery process.

    We see again this issue was resolved