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  • AB doesn't recommend Wedding Bitz R Us (date: 09.04.2008 17:51)
    bought: Nothing as it turned out
    My story is virtually identical to Matthews. I ordered some table decorations, realised I had given them the wrong postcode (had just moved house and the wedding plans were playing havoc with my brain!) and tried to email to sort it out. Email bounced. Called the number, was told they had a different email address and should send the query there. Sent another email to the new address, no reply. Sent another, still no reply. Phoned again, phone is cut off. In the end I put in a claim through Paypal and got a full refund as surprise surprise they didn't respond to Paypal's emails either. Total con merchants, would have lost out on 60 quid if it weren't for Paypal's guarantees. Steer well clear!
    product quality: 1/10, delivery: 1/10, service rating: 1/10